About Us

We are a Christian apparel brand with a MESSAGE and it’s all about pursuing intimacy with Jesus. Our goal is to build a brand around a community of followers and lovers of Jesus, by making Jesus more attractive, igniting the fire of intimacy, thereby stirring hunger for the Lord and the Word.


My name is Mary Evuarherhe, the CEO of God Tracker; I am a lover of Jesus, wife, mum, Evangelist, Healthcare Chaplain, Entrepreneur, Conference Speaker, Author and most importantly a child of God! The Lord has given me a message that burns like fire within my soul, and it is the message of Intimacy with Jesus. I have written two books on intimacy with the Lord titled “Tracking The Son – The Ancient Pathway to a Life of Intimate Encounters” and my second book is “The Secret Place- Unlocking The Power of Prayer”.

In April, 2020 when the Coronavirus caused a worldwide lockdown, I went to the bank to do some transactions, I was wearing a Hoodie with ‘The Secret Place’ printed on the front and on the back was printed, ‘My heart burns after the heart of God’. The security officer in the bank stopped me on my way out, and said ‘God is good’ and I responded all the time and we started talking about the goodness of the Lord. It was a blessing to see a brother in Christ talk about the Lord and a week later I was at the bank, I saw the same man at the gate, and he made reference to my Hoodie I wore the previous week, and that was the answer to the question I had on my first encounter with him, because I wondered how he knew I was a believer to start a conversation about the goodness of God with me. In hindsight, it was the Hoodie with the one-liner message that gave him the hint, I was a believer. T- Shirts are blank canvases we use to tell a story, share our faith and encourage people around us.

I have always made T-shirts with messages for the Ministry and we sell them in our meetings, but having a T-Shirt business never crossed my mind, until February 2021 when I had a clear idea to start my T-Shirt business with a message on the God Tracker.


This is someone who passionately loves God and walks intimately with the Lord or someone who wants to fall in love with Him. The Psalmist writes: Psalm 63:1,6- “O God, you are my God, earnestly will I seek you; my inner self thirsts for you, my flesh longs and is faint for you, in a dry and weary land where no water is. When I remember you upon my bed and meditate on you in the night watches”. David was a God Tracker, he tracked the Lord all day and at night his heart stayed awake, passionately tracking God. A God Tracker stays connected to the Lord seven days a week.

We represent a movement of lovers of Jesus, a people who will track God till we find Him and introduce our generation to the Lord. We cannot take anyone to a depth in God we have not reached, it is our prayer that we will keep tracking God and bringing souls to the kingdom.


God Tracker is not just about selling T-Shirts, we are messengers of the kingdom, raising a generation who will track God and find Him. As believers our ‘highest calling’ is to love the Lord with all our hearts, this love is cultivated from a close proximity of intimacy with Jesus Christ, with our hearts beating after the heart of our Bridegroom Jesus.

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